Third Country Movement (Cross Trade)

Cross Trade Shipment is cargo that is freighted either by air and/or sea from one country to another country but not through your homebase where you are currently based. Cross Trade traffic requires an understanding of local procedures in countries where you are not based. With the rapid growth of international trade in recent years, the ability to move cargo directly between two countries, without the cargo coming into the homebase country, on a Cross Trade basis is becoming ever more important. This ever-growing area of our business is handled smoothly and efficiently in conjunction with our worldwide network of Agents.

ALS is well adept with the intricacies involved in cross trading and is a full-service provider for clients dealing in cross trade. We provide complete information and processing for cross trade shipments from around the world. 

We operate through a highly credible network of associates at various strategic locations across the globe. This enables us to offer our customers a wide range of reliable, affordable and time-bound cross trade solutions.

Our overseas co-ordination department works full-time to ensure co-ordination, scheduling, supervision of connecting movements and collection of goods.

Our services include arranging the secure loading / discharge of containers, storage, on-carriage and distribution by various modes of transport. These are services that most shipping lines do not offer .

Cross trade traffic on many occasions forms a part of a much bigger logistical move and many of these projects may involve cross trade charters requiring a huge volume of complexity to acheive a smooth transition. There may also be general forwarding requirements, letters of credit and insurance work required. Our experienced team allow us to combine all these elements into one smooth communication so that our customers know, and trust, their contact who will remain constant whichever area of the supply chain you are discussing. 

Many companies require you to speak to different sections when handling different parts of the supply chain but ALS's cross departmental style allows that whomever your contact is, they will be able to provide you with your answer, whatever the question.

We work with a large network of agents worldwide and take pride in being able to state “we move anything, from anywhere, to anywhere in the world". We provide following services for cross trade.


  • Global shipping arranged
  • Quay/Quay shipments
  • Door/Door shipments
  • Container loading/discharge
  • Out of gauge cargo
  • Project Cargo
  • Heavy Lift movements
  • Break bulk

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