Afghan Transit Cargo Services

Pakistan and Afghanistan share more than a border; they share a language, a people, a culture and a history. The closest available sea ports are in Pakistan: Port Qasim, Karachi Port and Gwadar. Pakistan is one of the countries used to transship cargo to Afghanistan, we have detailed information and experience on the different transport possibilities. Our team of freight forwarding professionals is on call to design a program that suits you best. At the lowest possible rates.

Since there is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from neighbouring countries. All fragile items and household goods shipment to be crated and stuffed in COC or SOC containers. Since Pakistan is one of the countries used to transship cargo of Aghanistan, so we have detailed information and ideas on the different transport possibilities. We can arrange transport to most cities including Kabul, Kandhar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Heart, Jalalabad and also Bagram. Besides inland transportation, we can arrange a complete freight solution form any point of origin through our worldwide network. Simply send us your query and you will be on your way to moving big freight anywhere on the globe. Besides inland transport, we can arrange a complete freight solution from any point of origin through our worldwide network.

We welcome inquires from governmental organizations, companies, NGO's, individuals or freight forwarders for any segment of the solution. Reliability, quick response and regular status updates will be available for your goods.

We are backed by a team of young, experienced and dedicated staff who ensures that shipments are handling in timely manners with the entire satisfaction of our clients. We become an extension of your office acting as your traffic and shipping department to handle any cargo movements either for export to any worldwide destinations or import from any country in the world.

We are just a call away to get you a competitive rate for all your shipping needs with highest level of services for cargo movement to Afghanistan from all over the world, whether you are shipping a small package or a full container load.

We provide services,  structured to meet customers’ wide range of transportation needs with...

  • On time pick-ups
  • Reliability
  • Easy accessibility
  • Experience
  • Individual service

We handle cargo movement to Afghanistan through Pakistan from worldwide origins.
There are 2 types of in-transit shipments for Afghanistan.


  • Commercial cargo
  • Non commercial cargo

One is Commercial Cargo, which is moved to its destination under the Afghan Transit Trade Agreement. Currently the Pakistan government has restricted certain items from this agreement due to the high incidence of smuggling back into Pakistan. A list of such items can be provided.

The second category is Reconstruction or Governmental Assistance cargo. This includes Relief Cargo, Reconstruction Materials, and Diplomatic Cargo. All the cargo from NGO's, government assistance, donations and aid come through this category. The formalities for each have to be followed carefully to ensure smooth processing and minimum extra expenses.


Gateway To Transport Cargo To Afghanistan

Following are the routings for cargo destined to various parts of Afghanistan.


  • Via Gateway Karachi - Islamabad/Rawalpindi - Lahore - Peshawar - Quetta - Kabul.
  • The nearest Sea Port for import of Cargo into Afghanistan is Karachi, Pakistan.

There is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from Pakistan and other neighboring countries. Cargo for Afghanistan in Transit via Pakistan (Karachi /Port) is exempted from Custom Duty and taxes in Pakistan. However, a Special Custom Cell, processes and examines the cargo at Karachi Port. All cargo i.e. containerized or break-bulk is forwarded by Road from Karachi to the Customs Posts at following location.


  • Peshawar/Torkham for Cargo destined for Jalalabad/Kabul.
  • Quetta/Chaman for Cargo destined for Kandahar & Herat.


Our Services for Afghanistan

We are proud to introduce ourselves as reliable freight forwarders for Afghanistan. We have the following services for Afghanistan and in Pakistan as well.


  • Consolidation Service to/from Pakistan & Afghanistan to Worldwide
  • Warehousing & Distribution Facilities in Pakistan & Afghanistan
  • Transit Container / Cargo Service
  • Logistic Centre
  • Air & Sea Freight Service
  • In-land Transportation of General & Containerized cargo movement in Pakistan & Afghanistan
  • Break-Bulk Cargo movement to/from Pakistan & Afghanistan to worldwide